The world has set off a wave of plastic bans

2020-02-11   1368

The pulp molded meal bag field and the pulp molded industrial packaging field are good substitutes for many plastic products.

The global upsurge of banning plastics, plant fiber molded products (molded pulp products) that can be completely degraded naturally can become a substitute for some plastic products. "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Treatment of Plastic Pollution" was released on the 19th. The opinion is clear that by 2020, it will be the first to ban or restrict the production, sales and use of some plastic products in some regions and areas.

Regulations: ultra-thin plastic shopping bags and ultra-thin polyethylene agricultural capping film are prohibited from production and sales, and medical waste is prohibited from making plastic products as raw materials.

The import of waste plastic is completely prohibited. The gradual production and sale of disposable foam plastic tableware, disposable plastic cotton swabs and daily chemical products containing plastic beads are prohibited. No or restrict the use of non-degradable plastic bags, disposable plastic products, express plastic packaging, etc. But, since 3 July, disposable biodegradable plastics can no longer be used in EU Member States, allowing only recyclable plastic, and the Commission has ruled that they cannot be put into the EU market because the Commission believes that plastic is harmful to marine life, biodiversity and our health, and reducing the use of disposable plastic supplies helps to protect the health of humans and the planet.

By 2022, the consumption of disposable plastic products will be significantly reduced, promoting alternative products such as molded pulp products. A number of replicable and scalable plastic distribution and green logistics models are formed in emerging areas of plastic pollution and in emerging areas like e-commerce, express delivery and food distribution.

The spokesperson for the China National Development and Reform Commission, said that the next step will be to strengthen policy support and scientific and technological support, improve system standards, strict law enforcement and supervision, strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation of plastic pollution control, and incorporate key issues into the central ecological environment protection inspection to strengthen assessment and accountability.

The demand for molded pulp products that can replace many plastic products will greatly increase, and pulp molding projects have become a hot spot. This will promote the production line of fully automatic pulp molding equipment and the degree of automation to further increase.

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