About Us

EAMC, China pulp molding machine manufacturers, has long been engaged in the research and development, production of full-automatic pulp molding production line, complete sets and the development and production of various molded pulp products. A strong and comprehensive EAMC research & D team is engaged in the development and design of pulp molding equipment, mold development and design, product development and design, and pulp molding production line commissioning.
With more than 30 years of experience in the development and application of full-automatic pulp molding production line. EAMC has many invention patents. Chinese invention patents, American invention patents, and European Union Patents. 
EAMC is the first drafting unit of Chinese industry standards: “Pulp molding disposable tableware production line”, “Pulp molding machine for fine packaging products” and other standards. 
EAMC fully automatic pulp molding equipment has various functions of the following equipment: pulp molding tableware machine, molded pulp cup lid production equipment, pulp molding machine for fine molded pulp packaging products.

Our Culture

Company Goals

Plant fiber (pulp) molding technology, equipment and "white pollution" overall solution

Company Vision

Make life safer and more convenient

Company mission

Help visionaries gain insight into the future

Core Values

Create value for customers, provide a platform for strugglers, and contribute to social progress


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