Summary of China market analysis of pulp molding products

2021-07-29   2108

With the acceleration of the global plastic ban process, the molded pulp tableware

 industry ushered in a major development opportunity. The pulp molding industry data is not complete, here only to estimate the molded pulp tableware market and agricultural packaging market scale in China's domestic market.

With the rapid development of the industry, the industry is also in more and more demand for capital. More and more leading enterprises in the industry have plans to finance through the capital market, improve the research and development capacity, expand the production scale, meet the market demand, and achieve better market results.

The first part of the tableware market scale big data analysis, to say a total number, the total market scale of molded pulp tableware products is RMB 48.372 billion.

The second part of the market analysis of molded pulp products in Agricultural products market.

The demand for molded pulp products in Agricultural products market is RMB 37.236 billion.

The third part of industrial packaging, which is also tens of billions of market, the future can be expected.

The attachment is a detailed analysis of the data. Not here here.

This is just an analysis of the Chinese domestic market.

Annex: Data analysis

1, Tableware market scale large data analysis

Assuming premise: If China strictly implements the plastic ban, pulp molding accounts for 30% of the disposable tableware market.

There are three main categories in the molded pulp tableware products market, one is tourism, takeout, and one is home and restaurant packaging.

Big data analysis of tableware consumption in the tourism market:

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in 2019, the number of domestic tourists was 6.006 billion, up by 8.4% over the same period last year; the total number of inbound and outbound tourism was 300 million, Up by 3.1% annually; The total tourism revenue reached 6.63 trillion yuan, up 11% year on year. The comprehensive contribution of tourism to GDP is 10.94 trillion, 11.05% of the total. Tourism employs 28.25 million direct jobs and 79.87 million direct and indirect jobs, accounting for 10.31% of the total employed population.

These tourism-related practitioners are basically disposable tableware consumers, the average consumption of about 2 yuan per day, so the annual consumption of 2 * 300 * 79.87 million = 47.922 billion yuan. There are 6.06 billion tourists, an average of 5 days per day, 2 yuan tableware per day, a total of 60.6 billion yuan.

Of course, it will not be all pulp molding here, by 30% estimate, the tourism market molded pulp tableware products market scale is RMB 32.556 billion.

Here is an analysis of the takeout market

According to 30 yuan per takeout, the tableware cost is 1 yuan, and the takeout market tableware cost is 21.666 billion yuan. If the pulp molding accounts for 30%, the takeout pulp molding market is 6.5 billion yuan.

The home and restaurant packaging market is estimated as follows:

China's catering market in 2020 is calculated by 5175.8 billion yuan (Estimated at 40% less than the outbreak, at 40% less)Each table is calculated at 300 yuan and 3 yuan for disposable tableware (including beverage cups and packaging boxes) every 300 years. The market scale is RMB 31.055 billion. The proportion of pulp molding is also calculated by 30%, and the market scale is RMB 9.316 billion yuan.

To sum up, the total market scale of molded pulp tableware products is 48.372 billion yuan.

2, Agricultural product market scale large data analysis

The agricultural products market is also analyzed according to three major categories, the first category is egg support, the second category is fruit support, and the third category is food, cake, fresh supermarket meat pulp plastic tray.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2019, it produced 33.09 million tons, up 5.8% year on year; Egg production is estimated at 28.13 million tons. Eggs are calculated by 30 one kg, each egg support is calculated on an average of 0.5 yuan, and the proportion of egg support is calculated by 80%. The annual market amount of egg support is 13.236 billion yuan. Because the number of families decreases, the amount of egg boxes will increase significantly, then the market amount will also increase.

Molded pulp fruit support products market estimate: There are two markets for fruit support, a fruit support used during transportation, and the second is to use fruit boxes after helping it in the fruit store. By every 250 yuan of fruit consumption of one yuan pulp molding products calculation. The pulp plastic fruit support market is about 10 billion yuan.

   Supermarket, fresh market pulp molded tray demand analysis: Using a 1-yuan pulp molded tray per 200 yuan, the market size is 14 billion yuan. Thus calculated, the pulp molding demand for agricultural products was 37.236 billion yuan.

3, Calculation of industrial pulp molding products

This category is the worst calculation, too wide and too many application scenarios. There are also too many application scenarios. Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Gree, Midea, Haier, Hisense, Moutai, Wuliangye, Liquor, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Nike, Dyson, L'Oreal, Carlsberg are all molded in pulp, in a few years can only say which is useless.

Take the mobile phone for it first. Jibon Consulting Semiconductor Research Center (TrendForce) is expected to reduce the total global smartphone production in 2020, down 7.5% from last year, according to the latest report from the Jibon Consulting Semiconductor Research Center (TrendForce). If the epidemic does not eased in the second half of the year, the recession may continue to expand. By 60% of mobile phones use molded pulp trays, with an average of 0.8 yuan per tray, the pulp molding products needed by mobile phones are 622 million yuan.

Other categories are really too many, small home appliances, routers, car hubs, compressors, and so on, each small category has hundreds of millions of markets, and there are too many segments that can not be estimated one by one, so the total amount is estimated by 30 billion yuan.

Other products are wine packaging, tea packaging, biodegradable flower pot, rice plate, e-commerce buffer standards and so on, and these market segments are also more than a billion level.

And daily FMCG packaging and packaging such as clothes, shoes, socks, drinks, and so on, these markets in one billion units, will only be underestimated.

After the ban on e-commerce express packaging, 16 million tons of e-commerce disposable plastic packaging needs to be replaced. This market is also worth 100 billion yuan, and there are many opportunities for pulp molding. You can click on the figure above to see the detailed analysis.

With the rapid development of the industry, enterprises in the industry need to quickly expand production and meet the market demand. There are many leading enterprises in the industry with financing and listing plans. According to the information we have, the capital demand of enterprises is between tens of millions to tens of millions, which are leading enterprises in various segments of the industry.

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